Why 50 Micron Gold Plated RJ-45 Plugs?


RJ45 Ethernet Plug (8P8C)

Ethernet cable connection quality is affected by many variables, from the quality of the cable, the length of the cable, and even the network speed itself. A little known factor in this connection is the plating on the plug of your Ethernet Cable. A low quality plug can lead to loss of signal when connecting to any patch panels, computers, routers, or other devices in your network, so to prevent this, high quality plugs are made with metals that prevent corrosion and signal loss.

Modern RJ-45 Plug contacts are plated in gold to ensure optimal conductivity with their corresponding RJ-45 Jacks. There are varying degrees of thickness for this gold plating, measured in a unit call microns. The thinnest and lowest grade plating is known as flash gold, and the thickness is only 3 to 6 microns, while the highest grade plating is 50 microns. Gold is used because it is highly conductive, non-corrosive, and extremely durable. It will maintain a strong signal quality even after use in harsh environments. However, even thin plates of gold are susceptible to corrosion or erosion over time, so the thicker the plating on the plug, the longer the life of the cable.

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