Times Microwave High Performance Microwave Assemblies


Ultra-flexible InstaBend assemblies simplify cable routing
As technologies advance, applications expand and create new challenges. One of these challenges is the need to package more components and capabilities into smaller and smaller spaces for a variety of reasons – size and weight reduction, circuit density, and aesthetics, to name a few.

Our InstaBend coaxial microwave assemblies are designed to fit and connect where others can’t, helping solve some of these challenges for interconnects between RF circuit boards, modules, backplanes, and enclosure panels. The cable can be bent very closely behind the connector, minimizing footprint, saving space and simplifying cable routing. These preassembled units even eliminate the need for conventional, bulky add-ons to protect the cable-connector junction since it is incorporated into the connector design.

With InstaBend 086, you get all that with 90º torque resistance, highly stable VSWR, and a ruggedized back end. Constructed with a silver-plated copper-clad steel center conductor and braided inner and outer shielding, this InstaBend assembly allows low-profile bending and a minimum bend radius of 0.25 inches (6.36 mm). The maximum frequency is 50 GHz.

InstaBend solutions are ideal for in-the-box applications with dimensional constraints including space payload, airborne systems, networking equipment, and many other commercial and military applications. InstaBend is available when you need it (like now, for standard configurations) from our authorized distributors.