TelcoFlex® Power Cable


TelcoFlex® offers more flexibility and durability for better cable pulling through trays. TelcoFlex® is available both in braided and non-braided, from 14 AWG to 750 MCM, and in various colors.

KS-24194 Power Wire has excellent fire-retardant properties, plus a number of protective characteristics vital to sensitive electronic circuitry. Corrosive smoke during a fire is a major cause of damage to circuitry embedded in electronics equipment. Upon combustion, KS-24194 insulation produces only low levels of smoke, corrosive gases, and smoke toxicity. KS-24194 Power Wire has stranded, tin-coated copper conductors. An optional flame-retardant cotton braid exhibits high cut-through resistance. KS-24194 Power Wire is ideally suited for use in telecommunication plants and for power distribution of ac and dc power in conduit or cable trays.

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