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TelExpress, Inc is pleased to announce that we have recently signed a global Distributor Agreement with Times Microwave Systems as a stocking distributor.

Under the terms of the new agreement, TelExpress will stock and distribute Times Microwave Systems (TMS)’s products including the LMR® family of RF transmission line cable assemblies and Low PIM cable assemblies for test and interconnect applications which they are best recognized for, as well as their EZ, TC and other type coax connectors and bulk cable.

In addition, TelExpress will stock the TMS prep and crimp tools and their LMR® support accessories such as weatherproofing, grounding kits, boots, hangers and more. We are also excited to distribute the TMS Times-Protect® high quality Lightning and Surge Arrestors, and Data Line Protectors.

Moving forward, TelExpress is now able to offer in-house TMS standard cable assembly production for small rush jumper orders. In addition, we can offer TMS’s LMR® express standard cable assemblies for larger orders, with a three week delivery to you.

This additional partnership with TMS will enhance TelExpress’s strong commitment to satisfy our customers’ needs for a single vendor solution. We are confident that TMS’s high quality product line will help broaden our extensive portfolio of telecom solutions for our customer base.

Please give us a call next time you need LMR® cable assemblies, bulk cable, connectors, and prep tools.

LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems 

TelExpress March Madness Sale - Loopback Modules

Fiber Optic Loopbacks are designed to return media; this is typically used for testing and network diagnostics. Loopbacks are useful for testing equipment to determine where a fault might lie. Our loopbacks are compliant with ATM, fast Ethernet, fiber channel, and gigabit Ethernet, and are available in Multimode and Singlemode.LOOPBACK MODULES, OS2, OM1 and OM4, LCU AND SCU…$11.80 EACH* LOOPBACK MODULES, [...]

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​TelExpress hires George Bednarz for Strategic Business Development

We are pleased to announce that George Bednarz recently joined our team as Head of Strategy and Business Development. In this newly created position, George will focus on developing and implementing plans and initiatives that leverage our 25 years of success and capitalize on new opportunities to provide customers with high quality fiber, power, cable, [...]

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Welcome to Our Newest Team Member!

TelExpress is thrilled to announce that Gayle Lowder recently joined our team as Customer Order Specialist and will play an instrumental role in ensuring we continue to provide our customers with stellar products, service and support.Gayle has over 12 years of manufacturing, warehousing and logistics experience along with telecommunications industry knowledge from her tenure at [...]

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PowerWorx® Fuse Panels - Distributed by TelExpress, Inc.

As networks and the variety of powered network devices grow, so does the need for reliable power distribution and protection in multimedia broadband networks. The PowerWorx power distribution products have been engineered from the ground up to properly protect and distribute power to valuable, revenue generating network equipment.POWERWORX®SUPERPOWER™GMT SERIESPowerWorx SuperPower GMT Series panels accept high [...]

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Telexpress is now Brady authorized distributor. Great label printers and labels for a great price!

TelExpress is proudly registered as a Brady® distributor and we are able to offer Brady® printers and labels to our customers at discounted prices.Brady labels can help you place important information like instructions, warnings and identification at the point of need for equipment, cables and much more. Material [...]

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Introducing Our NEW Online Customer Portal

Introducing Our New Customer PortalTelexpress constantly strives to make doing business with us easy and convenient. One of the ways we do this is through new technology that brings you the information you need when you need it. We understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, having immediate and 24/7 access to your account information such as invoices, orders, [...]

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Telecom Grounding Solutions

TelExpress Inc. offers a total grounding system for your equipment support infrastructure. These products are designed for use in comm/data and telecommunications rooms to maintain compliance with EIA/TIA standards. Many of the products in this section are available both as a convenient kit or individually, in case the contractor already has attachment hardware. Kits are designed to be ordered as [...]

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MPO-MTP Fiber Optic Technology

Multimode fiber cable standards (OM3 or OM4) are now the media of choice for most data center applications. OM3/4 fibers provide the dramatic increases in bandwidth required to match the needs of next generation network solutions deployed today in support of 40 and 100 Gigabit speeds. That is not to say that each individual fiber can support 40G [...]

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Product Spotlight: Panduit®

Product Spotlight: Panduit®We are pleased to offer the full line of Panduit® products. Panduit® is a well known leader in communications and wiring products. Today their product range is continually expanding, and of the thousands of products, the most well known are cable ties, network communications jacks, faceplates, surface raceways, and wire duct.  We are [...]

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