About Us


Company Overview

TelExpress Inc. is a global supplier of telecommunications equipment and related services. Founded in 1992 by Stan and Dana Clinard, the Company began as a supplier of refurbished telecom equipment. Today, over 90% of our sales are for new equipment, both OEM and Company-branded, with the balance generated from refurbished equipment, and innovative customized solutions and services.   

The Company’s customer base of approximately 400 companies are mostly located in the U.S.  Customers are major telecom carriers, wireless carriers, contractors, utilities, CLECS, ILECS and ISP’s, government and state agencies, and others in need of fiber, power, cable, wireless and racking solutions. 


Business Overview

TelExpress sells a wide array of telecommunications products, solutions and services supplied by OEM’s as well as their in-house branded line of products.

The Company’s key core competency is our extensive experience in sourcing Telecom equipment. We leverage our vast product knowledge and strategic manufacturer/vendor relationships to provide customers premier single source purchasing solutions. 

In addition to distributing a broad range of new products, TelExpress also sells refurbished equipment sourced from both in-house inventory and elsewhere using collaborative sourcing tools.

Our web-based customer portal provides immediate and 24/7 access to account information such as invoices, orders, and up-to-date tracking information. 



TelExpress offers a large selection of fiber optic connectivity solutions for the global market.  Our products include pre-terminated MTP solutions, trunk cables, pigtails and jumpers, enclosures and connectors, and more.  We also offers custom manufacturing and design.


TelExpress distributes a wide range of power distribution and circuit protection products, including complete large and small DC Power systems, system spares, distribution systems, fuse panels,circuit breakers, switches, busway, power panels and standby power products as well as power cable, lugs, and tooling. 


TelExpress provides bulk cable and cable assemblies.  We are a nationwide supplier of telecom, RF wireless, electronic, electrical cable and connection products. They also specialize in industry-specific, custom fabricated and otherwise hard to find cable and connection products and carry many cable accessories such as connectors, lugs, tooling and other hardware.


TelExpress is a value-added supplier of wireless site infrastructure products offering RF coaxial cable, jumpers and connectors as well as hardware components including cable attachment and entry, steel products, grounding and more.  We also offer specialty control cables and other products for Distributed Antenna Systems.

Racking Solutions

The Company carries a variety of rack and enclosure products, hardware, accessories, installation materials and tools.


TelExpress supplies patch panels, bulk cable, patch cords, trunk mesh cables, couplers, jacks, plugs and other products related to Networking


TelExpress also provides customers with a variety of customized services and purchasing options including:

  • Product customization to meet customers’ unique needs and specifications
  • Distribution solutions that streamline customers’ receiving and handling processes
  • Warehousing and packaging solutions including Kitting and Staging
  • Custom manufacturing solutions for TXM product line
  • Furnish and Installation of Fiber, Ethernet, Power and RF/DAS products