Westell New Family of GMT Fuse Panels

Westell is introducing a new family of GMT fuse panels that have the latest technology in connectivity and the highest performance in ampacity versus operating temperature range, the NPGMT150 Series.This is the first in a planned launch of panels over the next few years, across the spectrum of power distribution panels, introducing state of the art connectivity and performance.

In this introduction of the NPGMT150 Series we’re introducing quick-connect outputs into our GMT fuse panel line. The primary reason for doing this is to address carrier mandate to have panels available with quick-connectors for some projects. And while we’re doing this we’re also creating the highest performance panels in the industry. Although carrier mandate is the primary driver for this product introduction, we are seeing some customer preference across the market shift to these quick-connectors for easier and faster installations, and equipment layout advantages.

The main advantage of the quick-connects is they allow installers to use a faster and non-torque required plug installation process versus the multi-step process of the screw-terminal installation. Quick-connect terminals allow wires to be run horizontally from the panel vs the vertical run of wires from a waterfall screw-terminal design. This allows the installers to optimize the wire management and allows the panels to be stacked closer together if desired.

Along with this connectivity advantage Westell’s next-generation of GMT fuse panels offers state of the art thermal design while combining best in class performance, to provide industry leading value and usability. The only set of fuse panels with 160A @ 50C, 150A @ 55C, 145A @ 65C and 125A @ 70C dual bus inputs, 20A capacity outputs with industry exclusive designs. The 10x10 and 15x15 dual bus designs, ubiquitous throughout networks across North America, bring unparalleled ampacity at +50-70C with plug and play quick-connect usability to telecomm applications. Along with the industries’ only full front access designs with quick-connect usability, Westell also has the only 19” 2RU full front access design in 15x15 configuration to provide the highest density, highest ampacity, highest operating temperature and highest usability for rack front access only applications.



14th Nov 2022

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