Airpax LEL Series Circuit Breakers in Stock!


Airpax LEL Series Circuit Breakers in Stock!

TelExpress has Airpax LEL-Series Circuit Breakers in stock at low prices!

All of the breakers we offer are of the highest quality, being bot durable and reliable. The LEL-Series circuit breakers are all tested in accordance with MIL-STD-202 for moisture resistance, corrosion, shock, and vibration and meet or surpass the required parameters. Capable of giving 100 megohms or more at 500 volts at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, and tripping even when held in the "ON" position, these breakers are built to last.

We offer a wide variety of these lead-free and RoHS-Compliant breakers, in a wider range of configurations and amperages. Check out our store HERE to see all of our low-priced Airpax LEL-Series Circuit Breakers now!

See below for a sample list of what TelExpress currently stocks and sells:

Part NumberAmperageBreaker Type
LELK1-1REC4-27129-92320 amp80V DC Bolt-In Stud
LELK1-1REC4-27129-93130 amp80V DC Bolt-in Stud
LELK1-1REC4-27129-94760 amp80V DC Bolt-In Stud
LELK1-1REC4-30326-1515 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-20 20 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-3030 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-4040 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-5050 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-6060 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-7070 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-7575 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-8080 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30326-100100 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-55 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-1515 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-2020 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-2525 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-3030 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-4040 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-4545 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-5050 amp Bullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-6060 ampBullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-7070 ampBullet Breaker
LELK1-1REC4-30452-8080 ampBullet Breaker

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